Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Android Application Attempt 2

Now that my classes have finished, I am going to attempt an Android application again.  My first idea was a 'my friends' application.  It appears that Google has beat me to it.  Thanks, Latitude.

I have a second idea.  This application I call, 'Family Shopping List'.  The idea is to store a common list, say a grocery list, online, and sync it to all the family accounts tied to the list.  This way, my wife can add milk to the list, and I can pick it up on the way home.  The reason this can't be strictly an online application is simple - Cellular service is often non-existent in grocery stores.  What we can do is sync the lists while we do have service, and show the list we have when we are offline.  So, here is a basic description of the very high-level design of 'Family List'.

  • Server application - A Web site with the ability to set up a new account, view lists, send invites to users.  Accesses a backend database where all information is stored
  • Web Service - Published interface that allows clients to interact with the server.  
  • Client - Android application that communicates to the server.  This application will also have a local data store that mimics some of the tables on the server
That's it in a nutshell.  For my next post I will be going over the basic design of the application. 

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