Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First TMX Map rendered with TMX-S-Parser

Well, I've been working in my infinite spare time on a parser that will allow you to easily use Scala to render maps in the TMX Map format.  The project started as a way for me to learn some more about Git and get more experience using Scala.  While the Euler problems were nice, I really wanted to do something non-trivial and non-academic in Scala.

This weekend I was finally able to make some headway on the project again and I was able to get my sample map rendered using Swing.  Here are the pictures:

Map as rendered by TMX-S-Parser in Swing

Map as rendered in Tiled (Objects hidden)

As you can see, the basic layer rendering seems to be working now.  I'm actually quite excited to start working on the other elements that can be in the map - objects, polygons and the like.  I also have some ideas for 'properties'.  If you'd like to see the code, check out the TMX-S-Parser project on Github.

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